Be The Best Candidate For Employers

Our Employability Course tailored made to improve young professionals' chances of achieving their dream career.

Make your degree worthwhile

With more and more graduates achieving 2:1s and 1sts, it's harder for employers to separate the best from the best. The issue is we know you're the best, but are you preparing yourself in that manner? Across the UK, 47% of graduates are in non-graduate roles according to the Office of National Statistics. So at Robin Could, we've gathered knowledge from successful young professionals and employers, to design a course that will give you the tools to help you stand out from the crowd and get you the graduate job you deserve.

Key benefits of Employability Course


Gain clarity on your purpose by identifying your goals and objectives that will help direct you to your dream job.


Know exactly what top Employers expect from the ideal candidate and develop these characteristics yourself.


Understand and use the most effective approaches and strategies to job hunting that will get the results you desire.


Construct the perfect CV and Cover Letter that will get you to the interview stage and be the prime candidate.


Establish yourself on LinkedIn and build a presence that will make prospective Employers approach you.


Understand how to approach, prepare and perform a mind-blowing interview, that will leave Employers in awe.


Learn how to articulate yourself in the best possible manner, using expert body language techniques and gestures.


Use the powers of your voice and the intelligence of language to influence perceptions and behaviours.

Our experience

"This course will be delivered by me, Yazid Lallmahomed, the Managing Director and Founder of Robin Could, alongside two top Business Directors. Together we have gathered over 70 years worth of experience, grinding to the top of our industries. We know exactly what it takes to move up the ranks and have tailored a course that will deliver. I personally know how difficult it can be as a Graduate trying to get your foot through the door. And it's only getting harder. We've designed this course with you in mind, getting feedback from university students, successful graduates and employers to create something to value for the rest of your career. All three of us have recruited candidates from Graduate to Director-Level for top firms in the Banking, Technology and Education industries. We know what Employers want, because we're Employers ourselves."