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Advertising Art Directors or ‘Creatives’, focus their work into designing the visuals for all sorts of media such as television, cinema, poster, social media and so forth.
Advertising Copywriters create written content for advertising campaigns.
Brand Managers focus on communicating the brand image to the public, by directing marketing and advertising activities in order to achieve growth or maintain market share.
Business Development Managers create opportunities to expand market growth and financial gains for businesses.
Creative Directors are the visionary geniuses that are responsible for making your favourite brand, cool.
Directors of Public Relations (PR) aim to enhance a company’s image by directing and implementing a variety of PR strategies, to meet the company’s expectations.
Marketing Assistants support marketing executives and managers in daily activities to develop marketing strategies and campaigns for a company.
Marketing Directors are responsible for the strategic leadership and implementation of a company’s marketing activities.
Marketing Executives develops strategies and campaigns to promote a company’s product, service or idea.
Public Relations (PR) Account Executives promote their clients in a positive manner through networking and the use of print and online media.
Public Relations (PR) Officers are responsible for their client’s image. They use media to enhance and maintain their client’s reputation to the public eye.
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Specialists aims to improve a business’s organic search results from search engines to its website.
Social Media Managers are responsible for a business’s social media platforms. They create, develop and maintain customer interaction to increase brand awareness.