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Astronomers use scientific techniques to study the universe, including stars, planets and celestial objects.
Building Surveyors advise on the construction of new buildings as well as the maintenance and restoration of existing buildings.​
Business Analyst analyse and evaluate business processes and implement improvements for businesses.
Civil Engineers design and manage construction and maintenance of building structures.
Electrical Engineers play an important role designing, building and maintaining electrical systems, components and applications.
Electronics Engineers design and develop electrical components and systems that can be used in products, machines and equipment. They tend to focus on small electronic circuits, such as in mobile phones, medical instruments and robotics.
IT Project Managers are essential in managing the implementation of an IT project.
Management Accountants use the financial information they interpret to find ways of making a business more profitable.
Mechanical Engineers are responsible for the design, build, installation and maintenance of mechanical components and machinery, used in many industries.
Physiotherapists use a wide range of proven physical techniques and therapies to help patients with physical difficulties.
Quantity Surveyors manages the building costs of a construction project.
Research Scientists use their expertise to support research projects, interpreting, analysing and undertaking information based on their investigations.
Software Developers create and develop the programs which tell computers to perform specified functions.
Software Testers make sure that software is fit for purpose, by carrying out various tests and checking for bugs. All to ensure that users can use software without any problems.
System Analysts design, modify, improve and adapt new and existing IT systems, to increase productivity and efficiency within business processes.
Systems Developers maintain and integrate new and modified computer systems, in order to meet business needs. They also diagnose and resolve any system issues.
Veterinary Surgeons live life to ensure that domestic pets, farm and even zoo animals sustain good health and welfare.