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Events Directors drive the overall vision of the event as well as taking a lead on the overall event plan, production and execution.
Events Organisers plan and organise a variety of events from start to finish. Events can include conferences, fairs, social events, product launches, festivals and many more.
Human Resources (HR) Consultants ensure that an organisation’s human capital serves the best interests of the company and vice-versa.
Human Resources (HR) Officers are responsible for developing and implementing policies and procedures in relation to the staff.
IT Project Managers are essential in managing the implementation of an IT project.
Marketing Assistants support marketing executives and managers in daily activities to develop marketing strategies and campaigns for a company.
Paralegals support lawyers with their expertise in administration and legal work.
Personal Assistants provide secretarial and administrative support to Managers and Directors.
Product Managers direct and manage products throughout their lifecycle.
Scientific Research Assistants help to compile data, produce reports and support with various administrative tasks, for scientific research projects.