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Barristers represents individuals and organisations in court and are known for giving specialist legal advice to solicitors.
Events Directors drive the overall vision of the event as well as taking a lead on the overall event plan, production and execution.
Finance Directors are responsible for the financial side of a company’s strategy and its activities. They ensure the flow of financial information is well communicated internally and externally.
Human Resources (HR) Consultants ensure that an organisation’s human capital serves the best interests of the company and vice-versa.
Judges are responsible for presiding over court proceedings as well as managing the litigating parties with their respective arguments. They make the most important decisions in legal disputes.
Magazine Journalists conduct research, write articles and features for magazines, on subjects of their niche.
Marketing Directors are responsible for the strategic leadership and implementation of a company’s marketing activities.
Newspaper Journalists collect information from a range of sources and carries out research to make the headlines. They write news stories on various topics such as politics, crime, entertainment, sport and many more.
Product Managers direct and manage products throughout their lifecycle.
Public Relations (PR) Account Executives promote their clients in a positive manner through networking and the use of print and online media.
Public Relations (PR) Officers are responsible for their client’s image. They use media to enhance and maintain their client’s reputation to the public eye.