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Accountants ensure that a business's financial records are kept up-to-date as well as provide information on financial records to key stakeholders. They audit the accounts and offer financial advice based on the information found.
Auditors ensure that an organisation’s financial records are accurate, whilst adhering to internal procedures and regulations.
Corporate Investment Bankers assist companies, institutions and governments with a variety of financial matters, such as mergers and acquisitions and helping them to raise money in capital markets.
Finance Directors are responsible for the financial side of a company’s strategy and its activities. They ensure the flow of financial information is well communicated internally and externally.
Financial Advisers provide expert advice to their clients, on ways they can manage their money better.
Financial Analysts evaluate and interpret financial data to analyse financial status and make future projections for companies.
Financial Consultants help companies and individuals achieve their financial objectives by assessing their financial situation.
Financial Managers financially supports and advises clients and organisations, leading to better decision-making.
Investment Analysts help stockbrokers, traders and fund managers make investment decisions, by providing research and data. They identify new investment opportunities as well as make their own recommendations.
Management Accountants use the financial information they interpret to find ways of making a business more profitable.
Stockbrokers manages investments from clients and companies in order to get the best financial returns by buying and selling stocks and shares.