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Accountants ensure that a business's financial records are kept up-to-date as well as provide information on financial records to key stakeholders. They audit the accounts and offer financial advice based on the information found.
Advertising Copywriters create written content for advertising campaigns.
Astronomers use scientific techniques to study the universe, including stars, planets and celestial objects.
Auditors ensure that an organisation’s financial records are accurate, whilst adhering to internal procedures and regulations.
Community Pharmacists are responsible for dispensing medicine to people who really need it. They also play a big part in developing clinical services.
Coroners investigate all reported deaths from unnatural or unknown causes, in prison or in police custody.
Data Analysts gather and interpret data to help organisations identify key information and trends to make important decisions.
Events Directors drive the overall vision of the event as well as taking a lead on the overall event plan, production and execution.
Events Organisers plan and organise a variety of events from start to finish. Events can include conferences, fairs, social events, product launches, festivals and many more.
Financial Analysts evaluate and interpret financial data to analyse financial status and make future projections for companies.
Hospital Pharmacists are given the big responsibility to dispense medicines within the hospital environment. They also play a part in the purchasing and quality testing of medicines.
Interior Designers design and renovate internal spaces for places such as private homes, hotels and high street shops.
Investment Analysts help stockbrokers, traders and fund managers make investment decisions, by providing research and data. They identify new investment opportunities as well as make their own recommendations.
Magazine Editors manage the content and quality of magazine publications, making sure that articles are current and are noteworthy reads.
Mechanical Engineers are responsible for the design, build, installation and maintenance of mechanical components and machinery, used in many industries.
Payroll Administrators are responsible for making sure employees in an organisation are paid on time and accurately.
Scientific Research Assistants help to compile data, produce reports and support with various administrative tasks, for scientific research projects.
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Specialists aims to improve a business’s organic search results from search engines to its website.
Software Developers create and develop the programs which tell computers to perform specified functions.
Systems Developers maintain and integrate new and modified computer systems, in order to meet business needs. They also diagnose and resolve any system issues.