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Advertising Art Directors or ‘Creatives’, focus their work into designing the visuals for all sorts of media such as television, cinema, poster, social media and so forth.
Advertising Copywriters create written content for advertising campaigns.
Architects play a huge role in designing and restoring a variety of new and old buildings, including the spaces around them.
Astronomers use scientific techniques to study the universe, including stars, planets and celestial objects.
Brand Managers focus on communicating the brand image to the public, by directing marketing and advertising activities in order to achieve growth or maintain market share.
Civil Engineers design and manage construction and maintenance of building structures.
Creative Directors are the visionary geniuses that are responsible for making your favourite brand, cool.
Design Engineers develop ideas for new products, existing products and the systems used to produce them from. Their aim is to improve efficiency and performance.
Directors of Public Relations (PR) aim to enhance a company’s image by directing and implementing a variety of PR strategies, to meet the company’s expectations.
Early Years Teachers help nurture children aged between 3-5 years in their development of basic learning, social and communication skills.
Events Directors drive the overall vision of the event as well as taking a lead on the overall event plan, production and execution.
Fashion Designers bring their own style to the table in designing clothes and fashion ranges.
Graphic Designers manipulate text and images to make communications and ideas come alive.
Interior Designers design and renovate internal spaces for places such as private homes, hotels and high street shops.
Magazine Journalists conduct research, write articles and features for magazines, on subjects of their niche.
Marketing Assistants support marketing executives and managers in daily activities to develop marketing strategies and campaigns for a company.
Marketing Directors are responsible for the strategic leadership and implementation of a company’s marketing activities.
Marketing Executives develops strategies and campaigns to promote a company’s product, service or idea.
Media Planners will identify and implement the best combination of media channels to advertise a business's product or services, to reach the target market effectively.
Newspaper Journalists collect information from a range of sources and carries out research to make the headlines. They write news stories on various topics such as politics, crime, entertainment, sport and many more.