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Brand Managers focus on communicating the brand image to the public, by directing marketing and advertising activities in order to achieve growth or maintain market share.
Corporate Investment Bankers assist companies, institutions and governments with a variety of financial matters, such as mergers and acquisitions and helping them to raise money in capital markets.
Directors of Public Relations (PR) aim to enhance a company’s image by directing and implementing a variety of PR strategies, to meet the company’s expectations.
Events Directors drive the overall vision of the event as well as taking a lead on the overall event plan, production and execution.
Events Organisers plan and organise a variety of events from start to finish. Events can include conferences, fairs, social events, product launches, festivals and many more.
Financial Advisers provide expert advice to their clients, on ways they can manage their money better.
Financial Analysts evaluate and interpret financial data to analyse financial status and make future projections for companies.
Financial Managers financially supports and advises clients and organisations, leading to better decision-making.
Human Resources (HR) Business Partners work alongside managers to effectively manage their workforce and develop a HR agenda that supports business aims.
Human Resources (HR) Consultants ensure that an organisation’s human capital serves the best interests of the company and vice-versa.
Human Resources (HR) Officers are responsible for developing and implementing policies and procedures in relation to the staff.
Management Accountants use the financial information they interpret to find ways of making a business more profitable.
Payroll Administrators are responsible for making sure employees in an organisation are paid on time and accurately.
Personal Assistants provide secretarial and administrative support to Managers and Directors.
Product Managers direct and manage products throughout their lifecycle.
Public Relations (PR) Officers are responsible for their client’s image. They use media to enhance and maintain their client’s reputation to the public eye.
Retail Merchandisers are responsible for ensuring that your favourite products are stocked in the right quantities, at the right time, for the right price and in the appropriate stores or available online.
Stockbrokers manages investments from clients and companies in order to get the best financial returns by buying and selling stocks and shares.