Social Media Manager

Average Salary: £28,000 - £33,000
Competition: LOW-MID
Years Experience: 2-5 years

Job Summary

If anything is achieving world domination today, it’s social media. It’s arguably the best way to contact someone! Because millions of people use social media platforms, it makes it a great way for businesses to communicate with their customers. Social Media Managers are responsible for a business’s social media platforms. They create, develop and maintain customer interaction to increase brand awareness.


As a Social Media Manager you’ll be using various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and maybe even Snapchat. You could either be working in-house or for an agency and will usually have the following job responsibilities:

  • Understanding the business’s marketing plan, strategy and goals within the industry
  • Developing a social media plan and strategy that reflects the brand identity and help achieve its goals
  • Managing all social media platforms, activities and its content
  • Creating social media campaigns to promote the business and generate leads
  • Analysing and reviewing the effectiveness of social media activity and campaigns
  • Monitoring trends in social media platforms and events that can be used to create popular content

Key Skills & Characteristics

A Social Media Manager should:

  • Have excellent writing and language skills
  • Be creative and have an attention to detail
  • Possess great interpersonal skills, being able to develop sustaining relationships online and off
  • Show strong planning, organisation and time management skills
  • Be able to learn quickly and adapt to the market

Entry Routes

It doesn’t take a degree to master social media! Plenty of people have developed a massive following, just by producing their own valuable content. Though, completing a degree in Marketing may give you a deeper understanding of strategies and what works in the field. Some employers do require that you are educated to degree level, but starting a career in the social media field is largely down to experience. Build your social media following and put out valuable content on a consistent basis!

It could also be handy if you had good knowledge of some design software, such as Photoshop. This can be useful for creating your own content.

Job Progression

Social Media Coordinator

Social Media Manager

Social Media Director

Advice From Our Experts

The Good

  • Creative – It’s a career that allows you to express your ideas through the content you produce
  • Socialising – Communicating with followers is always enjoyable
  • Flexibility – You can work anywhere with a laptop and internet connection

The Bad

  • Long Hours – Social media is a 24/7 job
  • Upset Customers – Dealing with upset customers on social media is not particularly fun
  • Volatile Market – There’s always new tools or updates to social media platforms, which you have to constantly update your knowledge