IT Project Manager

Average Salary: £35,000 - £40,000
Competition: LOW-MID
Years Experience: 5 years +

"See yourself as a team member rather as an instructor"

Geoff, IT Project Manager

Job Summary

IT Project Managers are essential in managing the implementation of an IT project. Good management of projects is essential to completing it on time and in budget, for the organisation and the stakeholders. IT projects can be as big as updating a banking system, to creating a new smartphone game! Project Managers are found within many industries such as IT, Construction and Media.


The main aspects of a project being scope, schedule, finance, risk, quality and resources. A typical day could be:

  • Discussing with the client the desired outcome of the project and what is needed
  • Securing and managing funding of the project
  • Creating and implementing a project plan
  • Leading and motivating the project team to deliver the desired results
  • Monitoring the progress of the project is within schedule
  • Reporting to the client of the progress and any changes
  • Managing changes during the project

Key Skills & Characteristics

An IT Project Manager should:

  • Be organised and have excellent planning and time-management skills
  • Have strong leadership and people management skills
  • Have good verbal and negotiation skills
  • Be thorough and have attention to detail
  • Be analytical and capable of solving issues
  • Be a team-player able to delegate effectively

Entry Routes

It would be advisable to complete a degree that would compliment the industry of which you would like to work in. However, if you’re thinking about going into the IT industry, being Prince 2 qualified is standard. Other qualifications such as ScrumMaster may be beneficial for a deeper knowledge of software development.

Geoff started his career as a Web Developer but highlights the importance of gaining qualifications such as Prince 2 and ScrumMaster in his progression to his current role.

Relevant work experience, whilst showing the mentioned skills and characteristics should be the best route in becoming an IT Project Manager.

Job Progression

Junior Project Manager

IT Project Manager

Senior Project Manager

IT Director

Advice From Our Experts

Top Tip

“See yourself as a team member rather than an instructor. Don't see people as 'resources' - appreciate everyone's skills and importance to a project and that they have a life outside which impacts their productivity and attitude in the workplace.”

- Geoff, IT Project Manager, emphasises the importance of teamwork.

The Good

  • The Work - The work itself is exciting to plan and get involved in
  • Problem Solving - There's always a challenge, which makes the work very interesting
  • Project Completion - Always great satisfaction when the plan comes together

The Bad

  • Scope Creep – Uncontrollable changes that result in continuous growth of the project’s scope
  • Under-performing Staff - Having to reprimand them constantly can be frustrating
  • Third Parties - Dealing with inept third parties