Product Manager

Average Salary: £35,000 - £40,000
Competition: LOW
Years Experience: 3-6 years

Job Summary

Behind every great product, there’s a great Product Manager. Product Managers direct and manage products throughout their lifecycles. From when they were just an idea right to the execution of the product. They ensure that the product is in line with the business’s objectives and goals, whilst making sure it meets customers wants and needs.


It’s not just the introduction of new products that Product Managers are involved in, but also evolving already existing ones too. Products can range from mortgages to mobile phones. Basically, pretty much everything. Whilst products take the show, Product Managers are the Puppeteers that pulls the strings. They will usually have the following job responsibilities:

  • Developing and driving the product strategy and vision within the organisation
  • Conducting market research and gathering information from client feedback, web analytics and statistics
  • Reviewing existing product lines and new product ideas, for implementation of improvements
  • Creating product roadmaps and timelines for the decided product idea
  • Liaising and unifying different departments in order to deliver the product effectively
  • Overseeing the product development whilst resolving any product issues
  • Getting feedback from customers for product refinements and continuous improvement

Key Skills & Characteristics

A Product Manager should:

  • Have excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Be a visionary whilst showing business acumen
  • Show strong organisation and time management skills
  • Be able to persuade, negotiate and present effectively
  • Possess thorough research and analytical skills

Entry Routes

Most employers look for candidates who have achieved a degree. What degree, is not as important. Although for business or marketing graduates out there, you may be employers’ first pick, as a good understanding of business is needed. Above all, having the relevant experience through jobs, internships, work placements or side projects, is essential. Like cheese to crackers essential. Seek positions of responsibility as well as ones that will allow you to flex your researching skills.

Job Progression

Junior Product Manager

Product Manager

Director of Product Management

Vice President of Product Management

Chief Product Officer

Advice From Our Experts

The Good

  • Variety – There’ll be a lot of different areas of business you’ll be involved in
  • Social – It’s a position which needs a lot of communication with a range of departments
  • Project Completion – Nothing is more satisfying when a plan comes together

The Bad

  • High Responsibility – You are ultimately held accountable for the failure of the product
  • Difficult People – Sometimes people may be unwilling to go with the plan you set
  • Credit – The quality of the product will always get the credit, rather than the Product Manager who makes everything come together