Marketing Director

Average Salary: £60,000 +
Competition: LOW
Years Experience: 10 years +

Job Summary

For any department, it needs a leader to direct their strategy and work towards a company’s vision and goals. Imagine if there wasn’t one? Total chaos! A Marketing Director is responsible for the strategic leadership and implementation of a company’s marketing activities. They will ensure a company’s vision and growth objectives are strived for, by implementing and overseeing marketing strategies.


A Marketing Director’s duties are more involved with directing the company in achieving their overall goals and vision, rather than being involved with the hands-on activities. So, their job responsibilities are usually the following:

  • Setting and developing marketing objectives and strategies that are in line with a company’s overall vision and goals
  • Directing the company’s portfolio of marketing campaigns
  • Guiding the day-to-day activities of the marketing department by overseeing content
  • Undertaking market research to help identify consumer trends and the competitive environment
  • Ensuring marketing objectives and strategies are being met within budget
  • Representing the company at promotional and industry events

Key Skills & Characteristics

A Marketing Director should:

  • Be driven and able to lead with confidence and influence
  • Have excellent communication, interpersonal and negotiation skills
  • Be creative when developing and implementing strategies
  • Possess strong budgeting skills having business awareness
  • Be decisive, whilst having an entrepreneurial mind-set

Entry Routes

The key in becoming a Marketing Director is experience, experience and experience! You can’t get enough of it. The more references you gain that relate to a Marketing Director’s duties and the key skills and characteristics, the more suitable you will be for an employer, in becoming a Marketing Director.

Reputation within a company you’ve gained many years’ experience from, can get you far. But employers will like to see that you have taken action to develop yourself as a professional. For instance, a lot of employers will expect a Marketing Director to have completed a Bachelor or Masters degree in Marketing as well as be Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) qualified. It’s that simple, but not an easy journey for sure!

Job Progression

Marketing Assistant

Marketing Executive

Marketing Manager

Marketing Director

Advice From Our Experts

The Good

  • Influence – You’re in a position where you can have a greater influence in regards to your vision
  • Variety – You get to be involved in many marketing campaigns rather than just the one
  • Marketing Events – Communicating to your clients what you’re passionate about is an exciting experience

The Bad

  • Long Hours – With great power, comes great responsibility. Expect a lot more hours because of it
  • Travel – It can mean a lot of travelling also, particularly with marketing events
  • Administrative Tasks – In comparison to the other duties, administrative tasks are mundane