Human Resources Business Partner

Average Salary: £38,000 - £43,000
Competition: HIGH
Years Experience: 5-9 years

Job Summary

Management is not an easy job. You are in charge of a number of different personalities and somehow you need to figure out a way to get the best out of all of them. Imagine if you were managing Kanye West and Taylor Swift? Thank God we’ve got Human Resources (HR) Business Partners to help. They work alongside managers to effectively manage their workforce and develop a HR agenda that supports business aims.


If you get the best out of your staff, you will get the best out of your company. It’s as simple as that. HR Business Partners can work in many industries and will usually have the following responsibilities:

  • Devising HR strategies with Directors and Senior Leaders to implement organisation development
  • Being the focal point of communication and feedback for managers and employees
  • Coaching and influencing managers and employees to encourage a positive, high performance culture
  • Analysing HR management information and provide insights on trends for improvement
  • Ensuring set HR policies and procedures are maintained consistently
  • Contributing to the re-organisation of employees and implementation of new talent

Key Skills & Characteristics

A HR Business Partner should:

  • Be a team-player and work collaboratively with others
  • Have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, being able to work with ambiguity
  • Show a business awareness when strategizing and giving advice
  • Be resilient and calm whilst having the ability to deal with conflict
  • Be self-motivated with the ability to influence and negotiate

Entry Routes

You’ll be happy to know that a career in HR is open to all graduates. However, it would give you a bigger advantage if you have completed a degree in business or in a relevant subject. Probably the easiest route to become a HR Business Partner is to gain experience within HR roles. But wherever you get your experience from, employers will be looking at whether it relates to a HR Business Partner’s responsibilities. In addition to having the ideal persona!

Once your foot is through the door, you’ll be expected to be fully qualified in the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. So start studying as early as you can!

Job Progression

HR Assistant

HR Officer

HR Manager

HR Business Partner

Advice From Our Experts

The Good

  • New People – You get to work with a variety people
  • Impact – It’s a role where you can see your work making an impact
  • Coaching – Probably the best part of the role. It’s enjoyable and rewarding

The Bad

  • Difficult People – Sometimes you will have to work with difficult characters
  • Work Politics – People may not be willing to cooperate due to serving their own personal interests
  • Ungratefulness – The amount of effort you put into helping people, will at times go unnoticed