Hospital Doctor

Average Salary: £37,000 +
Competition: MID
Years Experience: 1-4 years

"Go into everything with an open mind, never stop your pursuit of learning.”

Rameez, Hospital Doctor

Job Summary

Doctors. Probably the most iconic profession on our planet. From Dr. Dre to Doctor Who. Hospital Doctors are our everyday superheroes. They act on what’s best for patients, diagnosing and treating illness and disease. Often patients have been referred by medical specialists, General Practice Doctor or if you work in the Accidental & Emergency department, they may just invite themselves!


Because of the range of unfortunate illnesses and diseases, Hospital Doctors tend to specialise in one area of medical work such as Surgery, Medicine, Paediatrics, Pathology and Psychiatry. Responsibilities also differ depending of which department you work in. Being a Brain Surgeon requires slightly different expertise to a General Physician for example. However, all Hospital Doctors are likely to do the following:

  • Regularly checking on patients to monitor progress of delivered operations and treatment
  • Examining and identifying illnesses a patient may be diagnosed with
  • Assessing and planning treatments required
  • Working and liaising with medical staff to provide specialised and quality treatment
  • Keeping records of client’s cases and preparing paperwork as necessary
  • Communicating with clients and families to advise on best course of action for health and well-being

Key Skills & Characteristics

A Hospital Doctor should:

  • Have excellent practical skills in diagnosis and treatment
  • Be caring whilst showing empathy and respectfulness
  • Have the ability to work under pressure whilst being thorough
  • Have excellent interpersonal skills being able to communicate effectively with clients, family members and staff
  • Be dedicated to helping others, persevering in tough situations
  • Possess the ability to be decisive and lead with their own knowledge confidently

Entry Routes

Let’s not beat around the bush here. Becoming a Hospital Doctor is no joke and takes massive amounts of time and dedication. Meaning there are no shortcuts. All who wish to become a Doctor, must complete:

  • A degree in Medicine which has to be recognised by the General Medical Council (GMC)
  • A two-year foundation programmer of general training
  • Specialist training in a chosen area of medicine

The degree alone takes around 5 years to complete and was no different in Rameez’s journey in becoming a Hospital Doctor.

Job Progression

Junior Doctor

Hospital Doctor


Advice From Our Experts

Top Tip

“The future of medicine in the UK is clouded in mystery and doubt. The hours are long and people will sometimes not be as grateful for you and a free service they are provided. But, go into everything with an open mind. Never stop your pursuit of learning and strike a good life/work balance. It will be great.”

- Rameez, Hospital Doctor, on what Medicine entails.

The Good

  • Financial – Salary-wise, it's a good career to go into
  • New people – You'll meet a variety of people from different backgrounds
  • Challenging – The job itself remains challenging. No day is the same

The Bad

  • Hours – Hours can be long and very unsociable
  • Pressure – Being a Doctor always comes with constant pressure
  • Consequences – Making an incorrect decision could be costly and dealing with the “if-only” guilt is part of the package