Head Teacher

Average Salary: £47,000 +
Competition: MID
Years Experience: 10 years +

Job Summary

When it comes to raising school standards and providing leadership, the Head Teacher is the person to go to. They help create an inspiring learning environment to ensure staff and students prosper, according to national and local education policies. Ultimately, they are held responsible for the rise or fall of a Primary or Secondary school. No pressure!


Although titled as “Head Teacher”, Head Teachers generally have few teaching responsibilities. However, they bring the following to the table:

  • Setting aims and objectives promoting the school’s overall vision, creating strategies to achieve them
  • Assuming responsibility and maintaining day-to-day and financial management
  • Continuously motivating and training staff, deploying them effectively within the school
  • Having to recruit new staff in order to keep up with high demands
  • Ensuring a healthy and safe learning environment promoting key values
  • Leading and attending meetings, liaising with professionals inside and outside the school
  • Producing reports on the school’s performance to organisation’s such as Ofsted

Key Skills & Characteristics

A Head Teacher should:

  • Have a great interest in inspiring and teaching the youth whilst having their best interests at heart
  • Have strong leadership qualities, making important, disciplined decisions with conviction
  • Be able to communicate and delegate effectively amongst people of all ages
  • Have excellent interpersonal skills
  • Show courage and dedication to the school’s vision through the good and bad times
  • Have good organisational and planning skills

Entry Routes

Generally, Head Teachers have built up a lot of experience working as a Teacher and have worked they way up through the hierarchy. So, doing the qualifications to become a Teacher is a must. In addition, to become a Head Teacher, you must either hold or be studying for the National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH).

Job Progression

Teaching Assistant

Primary School Teacher / Secondary School Teacher

Head of Subject / Head of Year

Deputy Head Teacher

Head Teacher

Advice From Our Experts

The Good

  • Larger Impact – Having an impact on the entire school is very rewarding and pleasing to see your vision in progress
  • People – You get to work with a variety of people as well as maintain communication with the students
  • Variety – You’re faced with ongoing and unexpected challenges which makes every day different

The Bad

  • Long Hours – As leader of the school you’re normally the first person in and last person out of the school
  • Responsibility – It comes with a great responsibility. So any failure is blamed on you
  • Budget Restrictions – Restrictions on finance can sometimes limit what you really want to do