Events Organiser

Average Salary: £20,000 - £25,000
Competition: HIGH
Years Experience: 1-4 years

Job Summary

If you’re the reason for the best university parties and social events on your campus, then you may be well equipped in becoming a great Events Organiser. You’ll be organising a variety of events like conferences, fairs, social events, product launches, festivals and many more! Just imagine, how amazing it would be to organise Glastonbury Festival or the Oscars? Major goosebumps!


As for an Event Organiser’s job responsibilities, you’ll be involved from planning of the event, right up to the post-event activities. Whether you’re working for an event management company, freelancing or in-house, an Event Organiser’s duties usually includes the following:

  • Understanding clients’ requirements for the event and proposing suitable plans
  • Seeking out appropriate event venues and suppliers, keeping within budget
  • Ensuring that legal, insurance and health and safety regulations have been put in place and are followed
  • Making sure that the event runs smoothly by dealing with client queries and issues on the day
  • Overseeing the closing of the event including dismantling equipment and clearing the venue
  • Analysing feedback and producing post-event evaluation content such as press releases

Key Skills & Characteristics

An Events Organiser should:

  • Have excellent communication and interpersonal skills across various different parties
  • Possess strong organisation, time-management and budgeting skills
  • Be able to problem solve and adapt effectively under pressure
  • Be determined, self-motivated and show enthusiasm
  • Have sales, marketing and negotiation skills

Entry Routes

You’ll be lucky to know that there isn’t a specific degree needed to be an Events Organiser. However, degrees in Event Management, Marketing or Business, could be advantageous. What employers really look out for are relevant skills and work experience. I know we mentioned university parties at the beginning of this career profile, but please, do not list the house parties that you’ve organised on your CV. Or don’t bring it up in an interview. No one is interested in how Dave got smashed out of his face. But organising events for student societies, clubs or charities, will definitely get you recognition as an ideal candidate for employers.

Job Progression

Events Assistant

Events Organiser

Events Manager

Events Director

Advice From Our Experts

The Good

  • New People – You’re always meeting new people on the job
  • Project Completion – It’s always satisfying when you complete a successful event
  • Variety – Depending on the company, you may have the opportunity to do a range of different events

The Bad

  • Long Hours – You may have to work extra and odd hours
  • Difficult Third Parties – From last minute cancellations to unrealistic demands, it can be frustrating
  • High Stress – There’s a lot of things you have to keep your mind on, which can be quite intense