Business Development Manager

Average Salary: £35,000 - £40,000
Competition: LOW
Years Experience: 3 years +

Job Summary

The world is full of opportunities. Business Development Managers live by that phrase. They create opportunities to expand market growth and financial gains for businesses. How you say? Well to give you a hint, a lot of networking and research is involved to identify and gain new clients. The proof is in the pudding.


You’ll find Business Development Managers in the private sector, public sector and even work for charities. Being such a sales and marketing focused role, you could find them doing the following:

  • Creating sales and marketing strategies based on the organisation’s growth targets
  • Conducting research in the industry to identify potential business developments
  • Keeping up-to-date with competitor and consumer trends
  • Using research to identify new customers and seeking the decision-makers
  • Preparing and presenting business plans to prospective clients
  • Reporting on sales and producing forecasts for future targets
  • Attending networking events and conferences

Key Skills & Characteristics

A Business Development Manager should:

  • Have excellent communication skills whilst having the ability to present
  • Be approachable possessing strong interpersonal skills
  • Have an initiative for sales and marketing
  • Be motivated self-sufficiently and determined to excel
  • Have the ability to negotiate and influence, staying calm under pressure
  • Be innovative and have a meticulous attention to detail
  • Have good time management and organisational skills

Entry Routes

The main criteria for being a Business Development Manager is your ability to sell. So, there is not a specific qualification to enter the field. However, completing a degree in Marketing or Business may prove advantageous when creating strategies. Some employers do require individuals to be educated at degree level. Building a wealth of sales or marketing work experience is an essential prerequisite.

Job Progression

Sales Executive

Senior Sales Executive

Business Development Manager

Sales Director / Marketing Director

Advice From Our Experts

The Good

  • Income – Closing new business deals and getting new clients can bring substantial financial rewards
  • Deal Completion – There’s always a great satisfaction completing a deal that you have worked hard to negotiate
  • Challenging Environment – Surrounding yourself in such a target-driven field makes you want to push yourself to the limit

The Bad

  • High Stress – It can be stressful meeting tough targets and sometimes unrealistic expectations
  • Deals falling through – It’s part of the game, but can be annoying when your hard work leads to nothing
  • Unpredictable – Depending on what industry you work in, the market for sales can be unpredictable. You don’t know whether you’re going to have a good or bad day