Brand Manager

Average Salary: £32,000 - £37,000
Competition: LOW
Years Experience: 3-6 years

Job Summary

One of the biggest struggles for a business is communicating that their brand, products or services are still relevant to current and potential customers. Obviously they have to create stuff that’s worth talking about. But the other half is promoting it. Brand Managers focus on communicating the brand image to the public, by directing marketing and advertising activities in order to achieve growth or maintain market share.


This role involves a lot of collaboration with other departments such as marketing, advertising and even research. So you guessed it, communication is key. Normally Brand Managers are in-house but you could be employed by an advertising or marketing consultancy working with many brands. Either way, you’ll usually have the following job responsibilities:

  • Researching consumer markets, market trends and competitors’ activities
  • SWOT analysis of the brand’s position in the current market
  • Creating and implementing a brand plan and strategy adhering to the business’s goals
  • Developing and executing marketing campaigns
  • Overseeing the marketing and advertising activities ensuring that the business’s mission and vision is being followed
  • Measuring and reporting on consumer reactions and performance of marketing campaigns

Key Skills & Characteristics

A Brand Manager should:

  • Have excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Be able to plan and organise effectively
  • Have strong analytical and research skills
  • Possess a business acumen and an understanding of what makes a strong brand
  • Be creative and have an attention to detail

Entry Routes

A degree in Brand Management, Marketing or Business will help you get a role as a Marketing Analyst or Assistant, however experience in the field is needed to progress to a Brand Manager. Experience in areas such as market research, consumer behaviour, marketing analytics and advertising techniques would be welcomed. Having a genuine interest in the subject area with related experience always sets people apart from the crowd. For example, if you wanted to become a Brand Manager for Apple, having a genuine interest in their technology and experience working in that area is very appealing. When we mean a genuine interest, we mean you need to showcase it. Some ideas can be through blogging, vlogging and so on.

Further education to your degree is not a prerequisite, but it may help being part of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). Relevant bodies will provide information on the latest market trends and best practices.

Job Progression

Marketing Analyst

Assistant Brand Manager

Brand Manager

Marketing Director

Advice From Our Experts

The Good

  • Creativity – It’s a creative role which allows for individuals to express their ideas
  • The Process – Seeing an idea come to life is pretty exciting
  • People – You work with many people within the company, which is great if you’re a social person and for bouncing ideas

The Bad

  • High Responsibility – If a brand or marketing campaign fails, the blame is on you
  • Intense – The role is intense as it involves managing many tasks and campaigns at the same time
  • Miscommunication – At times, people will misinterpret what you mean and can often waste time producing work that is not up to standards