Advertising Copywriter

Average Salary: £22,000 - £27,000
Competition: HIGH
Years Experience: 2-5 years

Job Summary

Coming up with something to write is a difficult thing. Trust me. The first sentence took me 20 minutes to think of. And is why Advertising Copywriters are truly amazing. They come up with the written content or copy for the advertising campaigns that entice you to spend your money on needless things everyday... Advertising Copywriters usually partner up with Advertising Art Directors to create both the written content and the visuals that make a whole campaign.


As an Advertising Copywriter, you could be working on phrases for print adverts, website content, scripts for YouTube or TV and pretty much anything that involves text. Whether you’re working in the creative department of a company or with a full-service advertising agency, you’ll usually have the following job responsibilities:

  • Liaising with clients to understand their briefs and what they’re looking to achieve with the campaign
  • Exploring ideas and concepts for the visuals and written content, alongside the creative team
  • Creating original, persuasive written content that fits the purpose of the campaign
  • Revising and editing the content in response to feedback from the creative team and clients
  • Proofreading final pieces of content to prepare for release
  • Ensuring that the work meets the codes of advertising practice

Key Skills & Characteristics

An Advertising Copywriter should:

  • Have excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Possess strong written skills, being clear, concise and persuasive
  • Be accurate and have a great attention to detail
  • Show a high level of creativity and imagination
  • Have solid time management and organisation skills, being able to meet multiple deadlines
  • Be self-motivated, determined and resilient to honest feedback and criticism

Entry Routes

The essence of a good Advertising Copywriter (and one that gets paid) is to write well. You can have a degree in whatever, but if you don’t write well you’re pretty much screwed. Having a degree in Advertising, English or Journalism will show Employers that you have an understanding in the field and your writing prowess.

After studying your degree and have been released into the real world to find a job, a lot of individuals decide to find an Advertising Art Director to collaborate with and build a portfolio. You should already be adding to your portfolio yourself by entering into copy/brief competitions when you can. As a duo, you’ll be applying to jobs together, but the option to apply to jobs without your partner is also an option.

The market is really competitive and how most people start is by doing unpaid placements/internships. Employers are also expecting candidates to have knowledge and some experience in SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing. So it would be wise to develop an online presence and even have your portfolio online.

Job Progression

Junior Advertising Copywriter

Advertising Copywriter

Senior Advertising Copywriter

Creative Director

Advice From Our Experts

The Good

  • Creativity – The career allows to express your ideas and your creativity
  • New Projects – You’re never doing the same thing, which makes it always interesting
  • Everyday Learning – You’re always learning something new, especially when you’re dealing with a variety of projects. You have to understand each topic to produce good content

The Bad

  • Failures – A lot of your ideas that you put forward can be rejected and can be quite frustrating
  • Ever-changing – What makes good copy is always changing. You always need to be on your game and understand new trends
  • Stressful – It can be a stressful profession, having to constantly produce content that gets high attention