Why we named ourselves Robin Could

This is our first blog post. And it was a nightmare to produce. Just as much of a nightmare as thinking of a business name. We’ve got there in the end. But if you think that our name just magically dropped from the heavens into our brains...

Well, it kind of did. Except rather than dropped, we had to pull that thing down. In other words, it was a struggle. But obviously, we have no regrets.

We had other names that we almost went with prior to discovering Robin Could. Work Tree, Career Steer, New World Reality (what on earth were we thinking about with this one). But none really hit the nail on the head of defining who we were or what we represented. Plus, we couldn’t get the same name for the URL or the social media pages. Also important.

You see, the name can set the tone for your whole business. Let’s take Apple as an example. There’s nothing complicated about an apple. An apple is an apple. It’s raw and true to itself. And that’s what Apple (the company) try to reflect in its products. Simplicity and authenticity.

Another example is Google. What is Google?



Google does everything from mobile phones to self-driving cars. You can’t define it.

For some reason only God from the heavens can explain, Robin Hood popped in our minds whilst doing several mind maps of potential names. Robin Hood was renowned for stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. An outsider and a rebel fighting for justice.

Coming into an industry which relied on regurgitated and outdated information, which didn’t take any notice of what young people wanted, we fit the Robin Hood label quite nicely. And whilst we haven’t stolen anything since secondary school, we use information from real professionals who have done their role for many years (the rich) and produce career summaries for young people interested in doing that role, but with no experience (the poor).

Though the essence was perfect, calling ourselves Robin Hood didn’t appeal to us. Call us perfectionists but we wanted to make a statement. We are more than a careers website, we are a movement helping young people discover and achieve their dream career, so they can produce work they’re proud of and that is fulfilling.

Our memory is vague about how we finally came up with Robin Could. Maybe it came from the heavens again, or we just simply tried and tested any word that rhymed with ‘Hood’. We’re going with the latter, but whichever it was or perhaps even both, the name clicked.

When you say someone could do something, you’re emphasising that the something can be achieved when the condition(s) is met. One of our core beliefs is that you can achieve anything if you put the right amount of effort, determination and passion into it. Yes, different goals require different amounts of these three variables but doing something that you’re passionate about is possible. If you’re not passionate about what you’re doing, then what’s the point in putting the effort or determination?

So we’re now at this stage, doing our first blog post. It was a nightmare to produce. We’ve got there in the end, through effort, determination and passion.

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