Who We Are

Here at Robin Could, we aim to provide the most honest and expert career advice to students, graduates and young professionals. The best on the internet actually.

No doubt, ambitions and passions are what we believe in and not so much on modesty. By providing individuals the truth about professional jobs, we help them discover the career that they love and everyone goes home happy. We love that.

Our Story

Robin Could was founded in 2016 by me, Yazid Lallmahomed. It all started when I graduated from university. I thought employers would bow down to me and discovering a career would be a breeze, just because I had this thing called a degree. I was clueless.

When I realised my ignorance and was stuck in a mundane job that didn’t fulfil me, I did what every millennial would do. I asked Google for some help. But all Google found was career advice websites that were full of long, generic and outdated information. This was no help at all. I was still lost, confused and discovering my dream career felt impossible.

Then a light bulb moment happened. Why couldn’t we create a simple website, providing honest career advice from experienced professionals? So we did it and quite frankly, absolutely nailed it.

Since then, our team has been across the nation to schools, universities and job fairs, helping young people discover their dream careers. What a journey it has been and what a future to come. We wish you a just as exciting journey in your career as we’ve experienced from ours. Because that’s what it’s all about.